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Title, SDBS Subtitle, (+-)camphorsulfonic acid. Type, Collection of Spectral data. Subject, Chemical Compound. SDBS No: L-(-)-Camphorsulfonic acid from AK Scientific, in San Francisco, California. M, DLCamphorsulfonic acid. (1S)-(+)Camphorsulfonic acid is an organolithium compound that is used as a reagent in organic synthesis. It has been shown to have antimicrobial. Catalogue number: PA 03 Chemical name: (1S)-(+)Camphorsulfonic Acid. CAS Number: Category: sulphur and selenium compounds. Synonyms. Catalogue Number: C Compound Name: CamphorC-d3. Synonyms: CAS#. (non-d). Alternate CAS#. Molecular Formula: C10H13OD3. Molecular Weight. Download scientific diagram | (1S)-(+)Camphorsulfonic acid (CSA) structure. from publication: Room temperature deep eutectic solvents of. camphorsulfonic acid. CAS Number: Molecular Formula:C10H16O4S Molecular Weight: Synonyms:.

Camphorsulfonic acid (CSA) is a derivative of camphor, widely used in medicine, light industry and cosmetic industry and is an important organic synthesis. TCI America offers a wide range of products which includes (-)camphorsulfonic acid. It belongs to optical resolving agents category.

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(1R)-(-)Camphorsulfonic acid. Company Identification: Acros Organics BVBA. Janssen Pharmaceuticalaan 3a. Geel, Belgium. D,LCAMPHORSULFONIC ACID (REYCHLER'S ACID) The camphorsulfonic acid is collected on a suction filter and washed with ether (Note 5). CAS Name: 7,7-Dimethyloxobicyclo[]heptanemethanesulfonic acid. Additional Names: 2-oxobornanesulfonic acid; camphorsulfonic acid;.

(±)Camphorsulfonic Acid. Purity: >%(T). Synonyms: (±)-CSA. Documents: SDS | Specifications | C of A & Other Certificates | Analytical Charts. | (1S)-(+)Camphorsulfonic acid | d-camphorsulfonic acid acid | camphor sulfonic acid | d-camphorsulfonic acid | (+)-camphorsulfonic. Buy (1R)-(-)Camphorsulfonic acid (CAS ), a product for proteomics research, from Santa Cruz. Molecular Formula: C10H16O4S, MW:

(+)Camphorsulfonic acid is an aprotic acid and it also contains an oxo group which may take part in hydrogen bonding. A model for the interaction between (+). D(+)Camphorsulfonic acid, 99%, Thermo Scientific Chemicals ; CAS, ; Molecular Formula, C10H15O4S ; Molecular Weight (g/mol), ; MDL Number. A relatively strong acid, used extensively in the optical resolution of amines e.g. Dutch resolution of racemic 4-hydroxy- and 4-fluorophenylglycine in the.

(1S)-(+)-Camphorsulfonic acid for resolution of racemates for synthesis. CAS , pH ( g/l, H₂O). - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA. 1H NMR of (-)Camphorsulfonic acid. InChI, InChI=1S/C10H16O4S/c(2)(9,8(11))(12,13)14/h7H,H2,H3,(H,12,13,14)/t7-,/m0/s1. (1R)-(-)Camphorsulfonic Acid (Voriconazole EP Impurity E (1R)-Isomer) is a chiral derivative of Camphor. Used in the preparation of a chiral recognition. (+/-)Camphorsulfonic Acid. Catalog No. T CAS All products from TargetMol are for Research Use Only. Not for Human or Veterinary or.

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(+)Camphorsulfonic Acid, G - CG - PROPERTIES - Purity: Min. (T) Size: G Unit: EA Molecular Formula/Molecular Weight: C10H16O4S= (1S)-(+)Camphorsulfonic acid. ALDRICH/C - 99%. Synonym: (+)-Camphorsulfonic acid (β); (1S)-Camphorsulfonic acid. CAS Number: Alfa Chemistry offers (-)Camphorsulfonic Acid () for experimental / research use. View information & documentation regarding. (1R)-(−)Camphorsulfonic acid may be used as a chiral building block for the synthesis of pentavalent organo-bismuth derivatives by enantioselective C-. Alfa Chemistry offers Dlcamphorsulfonic acid for experimental / research use. View information & documentation regarding Dlcamphorsulfonic acid. (1S)‐(+)‐10‐CAMPHORSULFONIC ACID · Synonym · Product Code · CAS # · Molecular Formula · Molecular Weight · MDL No. · Request Documents · Documents on Request. Buy D(+)Camphorsulfonic acid and more from our comprehensive selection of Acids from Cole-Parmer. Buy (-)Camphorsulfonic acid online at LGC Standards, for the highest quality reference standards for environmental analysis and testing. Buy (-)Camphorsulfonic acid online at LGC Standards, for the highest quality reference standards for environmental analysis and testing. L(-)-Camphorsulfonic acid. CAS Number: MDL Number: MFCD Molecular Formula: C10H16O4S Molecular Weight:
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